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Today News Group is an independent media provider and leader in newspaper and online publishing.

In a short period of time Today News Group has developed a reputation for providing a diverse range of quality publications.

Today News Group is committed to the communities it serves; reflecting the opinions, lifestyles, aspirations, concerns and personalities of the community and helping to grow the businesses of its many advertisers. Today News Group newspapers are exciting, fresh, quality publications, offering advertisers cost effective, ROI positive options to reach their target markets. Importantly, our people are committed and ready to offer advertisers and readers exemplary service in both print and online.

Today News Group represents a collection of related companies all contributing to the Today News Group and part of the Star News Group network:

Bundaberg Media Pty Ltd
Central Queensland Media Pty Ltd
South Burnett Today Pty Ltd
Gympie Today Pty Ltd
Ipswich Media Pty Ltd
Network Classifieds Pty Ltd
SA Today Pty Ltd (formerly TBW Today Pty Ltd)
Star News Group Pty Ltd

Today also offers digital marketing opportunities through our digital agency Media Platform, which provides a comprehensive solution for businesses wanting to take control of their online presence. Today News Group also has a thriving social media presence.

Today News Group offers businesses a comprehensive marketing solution from mass media print, social, online and more.


Advertising and content engagement options for every advertiser with our award winning newspapers, magazines and online portals.

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