Specifications and Guidelines

Specifications and GuidelinesLearn more about our advertising requirements in print and online

Today News Group has specific ad sizes, formats and material requirements along with deadlines for creative material for print and online products. Check out the specs below and if you still have questions just connect with your advertising representative.

PRINT - Specifications and guidelines

Accepted Applications

The preferred material format is a PDF however we accept materials using these applications:

  • InDesign CS5.5 - Documents must be accompanied by all images and fonts
  • Adobe Illustrator (up to CS5.5) - Documents must have all fonts outlined and in an illustrator EPS format
  • Photoshop (up to CS5.5)
  • Acrobat 10.0
  • Microsoft Word (.txt files only) DO NOT supply finished material, logos and pictures set in this program

Logos & Pictures

  • JPEG - uncompressed, 200dpi at size
  • Illustrator EPS (fonts outlined)
  • TIFF - uncompressed, 200dpi at size

Material Transfer

  • Adstream - https://www.adstream.com/
  • Email to Advertising Sales Representative
  • Secure file sharing such as Google Drive and Drop Box

Unacceptable Material

The following Complete Material formats will NOT be accepted

  • Microsoft Word
  • Pagemaker
  • Microsoft Publisher


Learn more about the material specifications below.

  • All artwork supplied must be in CMYK and 200dpi.
  • DO NOT supply photos which have been scanned bigger than they have been used in your material. This only makes the file size larger than it has to be.
  • True Type fonts are not accepted, your final material should be made up of only Postscript fonts.
  • Film is not accepted
  • Please note that newspaper print has a dot gain of 25%. Four colour process jobs should be adjusted to allow for this dot gain.
  • Total ink coverage of a fl at CMYK colour should not exceed 240%.
  • Maximum number of nodes in a single path not to exceed 1600.

NEWSPRINT - Tabloid Sizes and Shapes

Early General News (EGN)

These sizes are to be used for advertisements booked in the Early General News section of the newspapers.

  • Newsprint Module Description & Sizes
  • Newsprint Module Shapes & Description

GLOSS - Tabloid Sizes and Shapes

These sizes are to be used for advertisements booked in the Early General News section of the newspapers

  • Gloss Tabloid Module Description & Sizes
  • Gloss Tabloid Module Shapes & Description

ONLINE - Web Site Banner Ad Size and Shapes

Banner Advertisement Shapes (measured in pixels)

  • Banner Top and Banner Bottom - 300 wide X 50 high (for QLD, SA and NT sites)
  • Top Block and Footer Block - 250 wide X 90 high (for VIC sites and Noosa, Warwick & Stanthorpe sites only in QLD)
  • Medium Rectangle - 300 wide X 250 high (all sites)
  • Note: Leaderboard - 728 wide X 90 high banner ads are no longer supported and are being depricated from our group websites.

Below is a sample news & information web site page illustrating the typical home page locations for the Top Block, Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle and Footer Block banner ad shapes.

Creative Specifications for online banner ads:

  • Accepted image file types: GIF, PNG, JPEG
  • File Sizes: Standard – Maximum size 40kb
  • Animated – Maximum size 150kb
  • Animation Time: Looping is permitted. We recommend three slide animation for GIF’s of not more than 2 seconds per slide.


All creative must have a border of at least 1 pixel width inside of the creative to define the image space. Borders may be grey or black and avoid white.

Third-Party Ad Serving

We accept third-party ad serving tags. Tags must be submitted following standard deadlines.

Online Material & Booking Deadlines

Finished approved creative and/or ad serving tags must be delivered 5 days prior to the start date of the campaign.

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