How to do online marketing if you have a small budget

If you’re starting up or running a small business, probably, you don’t have that big budget like what larger companies enjoy. The truth is you don’t necessarily need a lot of money to market and go head to head against these giant competitors.

There are a lot of digital marketing strategies and tactics, where businesses like yours can reach customers and drive sales even on a limited budget. When digital marketing solutions are done right, you actually can save on investing in one, than putting up a billboard or signage that doesn’t assure you of return on investment.

In today’s article we will discuss the best digital marketing solutions for you to invest your budget where you could reap the greatest effect.

1.  Have a mobile responsive website

You’ve got to have your own website. No matter how big or small a business or the budget is, customers will expect a level of service, features from your site, and quality. As your main hub for all your marketing, make sure that it is SEO-friendly or searchable, collects visitor data securely, and has great mobile experience. According to Google, 78% of consumers conduct research before making a purchase. Making the best impression online is possible if you have a fast and well-designed website

2. Set a budget that includes Search Engine Marketing

Getting your ads on search engines and optimising them for mobile search helps a lot to get your products and services out there. 84% of users conduct pre-purchase research on an item before eventually buying. The main goal of using SEM is to put your service, products, and company out there when someone is looking for it. With this tactic, it is not dictated by the size of your budget but rather the skill in creating an effective message and fine-tuning your campaign set up for maximum results and efficient spend.

There are digital marketing providers who are experts in this and understand the technology of optimising your search engine campaigns for success. They could be helpful in tailoring your ads to the specific needs of your business and ensure that your money is not wasted and is well-budgeted and targets only customers who are interested in your products and will likely purchase.

3. Spend for advertising on Social Media

There are plenty of ways to introduce your products to new and existing customers through Social Media. As of now, the Cost Per Impressions (or the number of times your ads are shown in the news feeds) is currently the lowest it’s ever been! This means your small budget now can reach more users than ever before. However, social advertising strategies differ from lead generation, brand awareness to conversion, so you need to be very familiar in creating ads for Social to be able to meet your business goals, generate reports using the right metrics and understand the ROI (return on investment) of your campaign.

Your social media marketing partner should be able to help you avoid wasting budget by implementing customisation on location, interest, behaviour and demographic-based targeting options. Through this, you would be able to narrow down your audience and reach only those that are likely to avail your services and products.

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